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Azure Point-to-Site VPN Configuration (Certificate-Based Authentication)

Overview & Pre-requisites

This document explains how to configure a Windows PC to connect to Azure Point-to-Site (P2S) VPN.

Before beginning this process, you should have received the following from your site IT contact:

  • Client certificate (.pfx)
  • Client certificate password
  • Configuration file (.xml or .zip)

Install the Azure VPN Client

Open the link to find the installer in the Microsoft Store: Azure VPN Client – Microsoft Store Apps

Click Get to install:

Install the client certificate

Install the Client Certificate by double-clicking on it, and follow the steps below:
After clicking Next, input the password you’ve been given for the certificate and click Next:
Leave the default options as shown below and click Next.

Configure Azure VPN Client

Launch the client from your start menu:
At the bottom of the screen to the left there should be a plus icon. Click it and it will give you the options of “Add” or “Import”. Click import.
Import the VPN configuration file (typically it will be named something like azurevpnconfig_cert.xml; if it’s a .zip file you will need to extract it).
Give it a connection name that makes sense to you.
Under ‘Client Certificate’ select P2sChildCert:
Click Save.  On the right side of the window, click Connect.  The VPN should show up as Connected after a few seconds:

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