Plan Feature Descriptions

Support, Security, Management


Dedicated Account Manager

Your dedicated Account Manager is your single point of contact for high level issues, Business Review planning and for any questions where you don’t know where to turn.

Benefit: The goal of GreenLoop’s Account Managers is to help you maximize your investment in GreenLoop and ultimately bring greater efficiency and alignment of your business’s technology practices.

Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO)

A vCIO provides your business with a high-level technology expert with a deep understanding of business management. With GreenLoop, your vCIO is comprised of a team of people (CEO, CTO, Account Manager, Primary Field Engineer) who work together to provide you with insight into how implementing the right technology, at the right time, can take your business to the next level.

Benefit: You have access to the knowledge and expertise of a CIO without the expense of having a full-time officer on staff.

Performance, availability and predictive failure monitoring and alerting

GreenLoop’s Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM) platform is monitoring the performance, availability and health of your server and desktop infrastructure, whether physical or virtual, 24/7/365. Our RMM is monitoring over 500 different variables on each computer and when issues are discovered the system can respond in several ways depending on the issue:

  • By executing one of the hundreds of custom scripts we have developed to solve common issues
  • By opening a ticket in our ticketing system which is then addressed via our Service Desk technicians
  • Even by alerting the on-call tech when critical alerts are triggered after hours

Benefit: Better performance and more uptime to ensure your workforce can stay productive.

Patch Management – Operating System Security Update and 3rd Party Updates

Patch management is the process of identifying missing software patches, downloading and testing those patches in a lab environment and then deploying those patches during a configurable “patch window” outside of your working hours.

Benefit: Proper patch management can prevent your software and systems from being vulnerable to bugs, malware, and major issues, thereby saving you money and ensuring your IT resources are available to your workforce.

Backup Monitoring

Backup monitoring is much more than simply receiving an automated email. If you’re using one of GreenLoop’s recommended backup tools or Business Continuity Systems (BCS), we’re performing daily backup checks, verification of the integrity of the backup sets and maintenance of retention levels for both onsite and offsite repositories. Unsupported backup systems may not be monitored – ask your Account Manager.

Benefit: Having a backup in place is nice…knowing your data is protected and can be restored from anywhere, anytime is true peace of mind.

Diagnostics of non-client owned computers

If you allow your employees to work from non-company owned computers, GreenLoop will provide up to 15-minutes of complementary remote support (assuming the issue is work related) on these devices on selected support plans. Additional, billable, troubleshooting may be authorized by the client when deemed necessary.

Benefit: Keep your employees productive even when they are utilizing their own equipment.

Remote Support

Unlimited remote support for troubleshooting and remediation of issues in your existing environment between 8am-5pm Monday through Friday . Training, implementation of new hardware or major software rollouts are not included and are billed as projects. The easiest way to think about this is that if it’s something new to your environment or is not specifically supporting or maintaining your existing environment the work will be conducted as billable time through Professional Services.

Onsite Support

Just like Remote Support but conducted onsite for issues that require “hands-on” or are more efficiently conducted while physically at one of the client’s designated business locations. With our Total Secure Full Management plan, Onsite Support is included in your monthly fee. The same exclusions that apply to Remote Support also apply to Onsite Support.

Included Emergency After Hours Support

It happens…you’re working late on an important project and some technology problem stops you dead in your tracks. Outside of normal support hours, GreenLoop has an on-call tech available 24/7/365 to help you when these emergencies pop up. Emergencies are defined as having both “high urgency” (the whole company is affected) and “high impact” (a critical business process is stopped) for the whole organization. Non-emergency issues will be addressed during normal working hours.

Examples of “Emergency Issues:”

  • Payroll deadline is eminent and you’re unable to process
  • A mission critical server is down or unavailable
  • The Internet connection at the main office is down
  • Critical client presentation has been accidentally deleted at 6am and the presentation is at 8am

Examples of important, but not “Emergency Issues” that would not be covered under “Included Emergency After Hours Support”:

  • Email for one user is not working
  • One user is unable to print
  • Request to update an email address
  • Application crashing on a single computer

Benefit: Unexpected technology problems don’t have to prevent you from getting urgent work completed regardless of the day or time.


MS 365 Management, Best Practices and Alerting

GreenLoop has deep expertise in the MS 365 environment having both supported it and maintained relevant certifications since its inception in 2011. This service includes implementation and management of our own developed “Best Practices” security and alerting configurations.

Benefit: Like all Cloud based systems, your Microsoft 365 platforms need proper management, monitoring and alerting to minimize the risk of a cyber security breach and to ensure the right resources are available to right users with the proper restrictions.

MFA Policy Enforcement and Monitoring

Policy enforcement and monitoring of your multi factor authenticated (MFA) Remote Access solutions (RD Gateway, VPN, etc.), MS O365 and Gsuite.

Benefit: Ongoing monitoring and policy enforcement to ensure ALL user accounts that should be using MFA, are actually protected by it.

Managed Endpoint Antivirus

We simply choose the best tools available and manage everything from deployments to updates to infection remediation. We always use cloud managed tools to ensure management and crisis response tasks can be pushed out to all our clients’ endpoints from one portal without having to access individual client environments.

Benefit: Ability to address worldwide virus outbreaks for all our clients simultaneously. Integrated monitoring with our RMM.

Endpoint Intrusion Prevention\Detection

Evaluates behavior in the end point operating file system and memory. Suspicious activities are alerted on and reviewed by the NOC and blocked if determined to be malicious.

Benefit: Minimizes the damage caused by an endpoint security breach which can prevent hours or days of downtime and/or thousands of dollars of damage including lost or stolen data, reputation damage and remediation costs.

Ransomware Protection

Using “bait” files, the virus on an infected system will first attempt to encrypt the bait files. When this happens, the system is locked, and the NOC alerted.

Benefit: Prevents data from being maliciously encrypted, stops the spread of the virus and alerts GreenLoop so that further investigation can take place.

Enhanced Local Security Policies and Monitoring

Whether you have a domain environment or not, whether your users are working in the office or remotely, GreenLoop’s agent can enforce local security policies including password policies, screen-lock policies and user account policies.

Benefit: Brings many of endpoint protections typically only found in on-premise corporate domain environments to ALL your organizations’ workstations and laptops, regardless of their physical location. This is critically important with the explosion of work from home workers.

Enterprise Password Management Tool

A software application designed to store and manage online credentials for all of your organization’s users. Our tool can randomly generate passwords, store and sync your passwords on enabled devices, allow sharing of passwords for shared accounts (i.e. social media accounts). It can also be used to securely store credit card numbers, social security numbers and secure notes.
Benefit: Password managers take the hassle out of creating and remembering strong passwords which ultimately eliminates the unsecure methods users implement to store passwords (in their contacts, excel sheets, sticky under your keyboard, etc.).

USB Port Hardening

Allows only registered storage devices to be recognized on your company laptops and/or workstations.

Benefit: Prevents company data from being copied to unauthorized storage devices.

Remote Management and Maintenance of Firewalls, Managed Switches and Managed WiFi Aps

This includes patching and firmware updates of these systems, verification of proper security configuration and monitoring and alerting on warranty and Secure Gateway Services (SGS) subscription status. Supported manufactures in include SonicWall and Unifi.

Benefit: Optimal security at the entry point of your data networks to reduce the risk of a cybersecurity incident and to maximize uptime.

Vulnerability Scanning

A monthly simulated cyber-attack against your publicly accessible IP addresses (i.e. the Internet side of your firewall) system to check for exploitable vulnerabilities.

Benefit: If vulnerabilities are detected, we’re then able to remediate those vulnerabilities and ultimately decrease your likelihood of a business interruption, breach or other money losing cyber security event.

Dark Web Monitoring

Monitoring the dark web in real time, and automatically alerting your users when it’s time to change passwords because their credentials are up for sale on the Dark Web.

Benefit: Helps protect your organization from a cyber security breach due to compromised employee credentials.

Advanced Email Hygiene and Monitoring

Ongoing management of your email hygiene to ensure a high domain reputation and increased security around your email system. Email hygiene includes correct configuration and updates to your SPF record, email related DNS records, optimization of Domain Keys Identified Email (DKIM) as well as data consistency verification within your internal email accounts.

Benefit: Maximizes the delivery rate of your organizations outgoing email (including marketing email).

DNS hosting and management

We optionally provide secure, manageable DNS hosting for your domain. This ensures changes made to your DNS records don’t result in disruption of core services. In addition this enables us to more easily enable and monitor other security services that depend on DNS, including email hygiene (see above).

Domain Registration Tracking

Lapsed domain registration can result in significant business and reputational impacts, causing sites and services to stop working.

We monitor any internet domains you own, and alert you when we see potential risk of lapsed registration.

SSL Certificate Expiration Tracking

SSL certificates are an important way to secure your websites and remote access. However they include risk of downtime when they expire without being renewed. We monitor SSL certificates and coordinate with you to make sure SSL certificates get renewed ahead of time to eliminate disruption.

Security Awareness Training

A fully managed cyber security training program that integrates baseline testing and engaging interactive web-based training to protect against phishing, vishing and smishing attacks.

Benefit: Builds and maintains a more resilient and secure organization.

Simulated Phishing Attack

A mock phishing attack targeting your end users.

Benefit: Identifies the “clickers” and weak links in your user base and provides a baseline security score.


IT Documentation

Using a SOC 2-compliant Documentation Management platform, GreenLoop aims to find, track and know everything about your IT Infrastructure including hardware configurations, license tracking, domain and certification tracking, application information, standard procedures (i.e. new employee onboarding) and much, much more.

Benefit: Secure access to all of your critical IT documentation in one place to better support you in everything from day to day issue resolution to pro-active planning.

Client Portal

It’s not just a tool, it’s a process…Whether you submit your issues or requests by phone, email or the GreenLoop widget in your taskbar, this information is fed into our ticketing system where our Dispatch team triages and schedules your ticket with the right tech, for the right amount of time, uninterrupted. Because a single individual is triaging all tickets during a given time period, widespread issues can be quickly identified and scheduled with the appropriate team. Through our client portal, you have access to your business’s tickets, statuses and tech notes. Designated users have access to invoices and can pay bills online.

Benefit: Consistent prioritization of issues, efficient scheduling and resolution, and transparency to ensure can are informed, but not burdened by, the day to day support needs of your business.

Monthly Auditing and Reporting

Automated system maintenance saves countless hours and dollars in keeping your systems optimized. However, it’s not 100% which is why we manually audit your system reports every month and manually address any discovered issues. You’ll receive a report each month which details everything from Patch Status to Ticket and Issue trending to the Ticket feedback scores provided by your users.

Benefit: You become an informed IT Decision Maker and have peace of mind knowing that your MSP is doing what they promised!

Asset & Inventory Management Report

During your Technology business review meetings, your Account Manager will provide an updated Asset Management report showing all or your critical infrastructure systems, servers, desktops and laptops.

Benefit: One more thing you don’t have to worry about! Helps with hardware lifecycle management, helps prevent loss of corporate resources and is critical for budget planning.

IT Budgeting

GreenLoop will provide a rolling 12 to 24-month budget during your business reviews, broken into Professional Services, Hardware/Software/Licensing and Hosted & Cloud Services to better help you plan and understand your IT investments.

Benefit: This information can allow you to strategically spend or defer IT investments based on your business objectives. When GreenLoop understands your strategic business objectives, we can provide more tailored solutions and consulting.

Technology Business Review Meetings

Many of our clients tell us this is the most valuable part of working with GreenLoop. Depending on your Service Plan and business needs, we will have a formal meeting with you 1 to 4 times per year to provide an updated snapshot of your IT Infrastructure, Security Posture and planning and budgeting information for the next 0-18 months.

Benefit: The business review process ensures a consistent march towards better efficiency, appropriate levels of security and overall alignment of your technology investments. Budgeting and planning assistance mean you can maximize the value of your IT investments and know how much you’ll be paying for them months or years in advance.