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Service Ticket Best Practices

When Creating a new Service Ticket, you will want to include as much information as possible in order to get a swift resolution to your issue.
Taking account of the information below will help GreenLoop determine the Ticket Priority accurately, get it to the right person, and resolve the issue quickly by getting a head-start on troubleshooting.
Below are items to make sure to include when submitting a ticket:
  1. A descriptive subject line:
The Subject line of your e-mail/ticket should give a brief description of the issue you are experiencing, for instance: “Error when opening Outlook” or “Laptop will not boot”.
  1. Describe the Impact, if you know it:
Are you the only one having this issue? Which computer are you on? (include the name if you know it).
If others are having the same issue, who else is affected? Tickets with broader impact generally get higher priority.
  1. Describe the Urgency of the issue:
What is the effect on your (or others’) workflows? Is there any way to work around this in the meantime, or are you unable to perform a critical function without this? Any other business impact we should be aware of? (Examples of high urgency: “cannot process payroll”; “cannot process credit cards”). Tickets with higher urgency get higher priority!
  1. Detailed description of your issue:
Give us as much information as possible about the issue you are experiencing:
  • What program(s) are affected?
  • What were you doing when this happened? If applicable, it’s always helpful to have steps to reproduce the issue.
  • What if anything have you tried so far?
  1. Screenshot(s), when applicable:
A picture really is worth a thousand words–if there’s a specific error message or issue that you’re seeing, please take a screenshot and attach it to your ticket email.
  1. GreenLoop’s ticketing system keeps user contact information including email and contact phone number(s) on file. However, it is always helpful for you to include the following information if applicable:
  • Your preferred contact method – Email or Phone
  • Your call back number if this differs from your main work extension (for instance you are away from your desk/working from home and you would like us to call your cell number)
  • Your availability – if you expect to be away from your desk or have specific availability requirements

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