HowTo: Open a New Ticket

For your convenience, GreenLoop provides several methods to open a new ticket (“Service Request”):

Using the Client Portal

To create new tickets or view the status of existing tickets, go to https://a.greenloopsolutions.com/support (you can also get to this via our website, by clicking the Client Portal button in the top right).

Most clients and end-users already have an account—login with your existing Microsoft or Google credentials. If you don’t use one of those services or prefer to set up a static password, click the Sign up link instead.

Via a phone call

This is strongly recommended for any urgent or time-sensitive issues! Call (888) 877-4395 to open a service request.

Using the system tray icon

Click the GreenLoop logo in your system tray, and chose Create a Ticket. This also allows you to easily attach a screenshot.

Via e-mail

E-mail service@greenloopsolutions.com to create a new Service Request. Within a couple of minutes, you will get an automated response confirming your request has been received and with a ticket number.

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