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Recommendation: Microsoft 365 Backup

Your data is one of your business’s most valuable assets. Microsoft 365 has become a popular choice for many businesses, as it provides a range of tools and services for communication, collaboration, and productivity. However, relying solely on Microsoft 365 to store and backup your data can be risky. This is where third-party backup solutions come in. This article discusses several reasons you should consider using a 3rd party backup solution.

  1. Protection against accidental or malicious data loss

Microsoft 365 offers some level of protection for data loss, but it’s not foolproof. Accidental deletions, malicious deletions, or data corruption can still occur. A third-party backup solution can protect your business against data loss by providing an additional layer of backup and restore options.

  1. Compliance with legal requirements

Many industries have specific legal requirements regarding data retention and backup. Third-party backup solutions can help your business meet these requirements, ensuring that your data is safely backed up and can be easily retrieved if necessary.

  1. Increased flexibility and control

Third-party backup solutions offer greater flexibility and control over your data. With these solutions, you can choose where your data is stored, how often it is backed up, and how long it is retained. This allows you to tailor your backup solution to meet the specific needs of your business.

  1. Faster recovery times

In the event of a data loss, the ability to recover quickly is essential. Third-party backup solutions offer faster recovery times than relying solely on Microsoft 365. This is because third-party solutions typically offer granular restore options, allowing you to restore specific files or folders quickly and easily.

  1. Protection against external threats

External threats, such as cyber-attacks or ransomware, are becoming more common. These threats can have a devastating impact on businesses, including data loss. Third-party backup solutions can help protect your business against these threats by providing an additional layer of protection for your data.

If you’re a current GreenLoop client and would like to discuss options for 3rd party backup that we offer, please reach out to your Account Manager.

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