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GreenLoop Service FAQ for New Clients

What does GreenLoop do?

GreenLoop is your IT Partner. We help with anything IT from getting sound to work on user workstations to installing and servicing your application servers; to securing Internet connections and enabling a WAN with all your remote sites; we do it all!

How do I request support?

For your convenience, GreenLoop provides several methods to open a ticket. Please see here for more information.

How quickly can I expect my issue to be resolved?

Please see below for GreenLoop’s Priority Matrix:

Can I call an specific technician directly?

Please keep in mind our technicians are nearly always in the field or helping other clients and they are typically unable to immediately return calls. To ensure the quickest possible service please create a new Service Request so that we can schedule a technician to work with you as soon as possible.

What is the difference between asking a question and opening a service request?

GreenLoop tracks all incoming service requests as well as client questions in our ticketing system. We do this to ensure that no clients needs are overlooked. A technician will be assigned to the ticket and answer your question promptly. Many times, we can get you an answer “on the fly”. A technician’s time is carefully scheduled and if your question requires research to answer, the request will need to be formally scheduled by way of a Service Request.

What happens after I open a ticket?

Shortly after you open a ticket, you will receive an email notifying you that your request has been received and advising you of your ticket number. This e-mail also includes a link that will allow you to choose a time on our schedule to meet with a technician. This link is included for your convenience and can be used when you know that your presence will be required for the technician to troubleshoot your issue.  If you do not schedule a time right away, our dispatching team will schedule a technician at the next available opening on an “as received” basis while considering the Impact and Severity as discussed above. You will then receive an e-mail advising you of the date your ticket has been scheduled.**

**To ensure the required flexibility in our Service Desk schedule, which is required to ensure urgent issues can be addressed in a timely manner, appointments are added on a tentative basis and are subject to adjustment. This means the confirmation e-mail will only include the date a technician is scheduled to work on your issue. Should you need a more specific timeframe or wish to have a confirmed appointment then please see the following section on “Can I request a specific time for my service call or Onsite Visit?

Can I request a specific time for my service call or onsite visit?

Yes! The best way to request a specific time for your appointment depends on the type of ticket and severity of the issue:

  1. Non-Urgent & Non-Time sensitive issues: The best way to get a specific time scheduled to work with our technicians is by using the scheduling link included in your ticket confirmation e-mail. This will allow you to choose a spot on our schedule in the next few business days to work with an available technician.

    The automatic scheduling link is generally not the best way to get appropriately-timed service for time-sensitive or urgent issues. For those situations, please follow the guidance below.**

  2. Non-Urgent but Time Sensitive: Whenever submitting a ticket with specific time sensitivities, it is a great idea to include as much information on your time constraints the ticket as possible. This includes any specific time constraints that should be considered when scheduling a technician to reach out and work with you. Our dispatching team will take these notes into consideration when scheduling your ticket. Examples Include:
    1. I need this resolved by EOD.
    2. I will be leaving for the day at 3pm.
    3. Please schedule this for some time between 11am and 1pm.
  3. Urgent Issues: Whenever you have an urgent issue or are experiencing a work stoppage event and need to coordinate a specific time to work with a technician. We request that you call into our dispatching team at 1-888-877-4395 with your ticket number handy and they would be happy to coordinate getting an engineer scheduled to resolve the issue on a timeframe that works for you.

**Please keep in mind that our onsite and remote technicians often come from other appointments and due to the nature or our work, these prior appointments can sometimes run longer than anticipated. A member of our dispatching team will try to call/email you if your scheduled technician is going to be delayed more than 30 minutes. If it is critical that a technician be available at a particular time (i.e. a third party is involved or one of your staff who needs to meet with our technician has limited availability) please communicate this at the time of scheduling and we will attempt to schedule the technician at least 15 minutes ahead of your required time to allow for some overrun without negatively impacting you.

Can I request a specific technician?

GreenLoop employs a full staff of certified technicians that are all capable of supporting your network. This allows us to respond to your needs quickly with the first available technician. You may request a specific technician; however, their availability may not be immediate. We would try to accommodate a first available scheduling.

What should I expect during a remote technician appointment?

We will reach out via the phone number you provided on the service request. If you’re not available immediately, our technician can usually wait 5-10 minutes before they will need to move on to the next issue and reschedule the appointment for a different time. Once we’ve connected on a phone call, the technician generally need to confirm the nature of your request or the issue you’re experiencing. After that, our technician may need to establish a remote control connection to your system using our agent or support tool. We won’t necessarily need you to stay on the phone while we work on your computer, but depending on the nature of your issue, we may need you to stay close by so that you are available to test and provide logins as needed (we will not ask you for passwords).

What should I expect during an onsite technician visit?

The GreenLoop technician will discuss the issue with you and have you show him/her what you are experiencing to ensure we have a clear understanding of the problem. If you will not be available during the scheduled visit, please make sure your ticket includes detailed information about the issue you are having, and especially any steps needed to reproduce it.  After the technician completes his/her tasks, they will ask you to test everything to make sure it is completed to your satisfaction. If you are unavailable, you will receive an email with the ticket resolution notes and can simply reply to this email to have your ticket automatically re-opened at which point we will contact you for further scheduling or remote resolution.

What about training/administration after the installation of my new product?

GreenLoop can educate you on many of the “ins and outs” your new product as well as provide basic training for Microsoft desktop applications–Talk to your Account Manager if you would like to learn more about what we can offer.

It is recommended that you get formal training direct from the manufacturer on other 3rd party products. If you’re unsure, just ask us and we’ll get you pointed in the right direction!

How will I know its time to upgrade or order new equipment?

As part of our regular Technology Business Review, we will assess the age and performance of supported hardware and make recommendations regarding lifecycle replacements. Depending on what service plan you are on, GreenLoop can provide an IT Budget to assist with decision-making.

Can GreenLoop load my single copy of software onto multiple machines?

Please be prepared to supply software media and licensing (if needed for repairs) for each system on your network. GreenLoop technicians will not install software for which you do not have the official licensing.

Will my network be down during GreenLoop service visits?

GreenLoop will take every effort to coordinate server downtimes with you. However, there may be times when it will be necessary to “down the network” to troubleshoot a problem. Your primary contact will have the ultimate say on whether the server can be rebooted during hours or not.

What if the problem cannot be immediately solved during my onsite or remote appointment, or I have additional issues?

GreenLoop technicians will make every effort to complete all repairs during the scheduled visit. If a repair cannot be completed during the initial visit, we will give priority scheduling for the return visit/call.  Issues brought to the technician’s attention during the site visit that were not part of the original ticket will be addressed if time permits. If not, the technician will notify our Service Coordinator so that another appointment can be scheduled.

How do I report after hours problems?

GreenLoop has an on-call technician reachable after-hours. Note that we do not monitor other ticket channels outside of business hours. For more information, see here.

How do I check the status of my Service Requests (tickets)?

You may call or email GreenLoop at any time and inquire about the status of your service request. Please include your ticket # when inquiring, or reply back to the original email you received! Additionally, you may login to the Client Portal at to check and update your request on your own.

Is my data getting backed up?

GreenLoop recommends all critical data is backed up, and we support a number of different backup solutions to meet our clients budgetary and recovery requirements. Critical data can reside on a number of different systems, so if you’re not sure reach out to your Account Manager for more information.

Thank you for choosing GreenLoop as your IT partner! We’re looking forward to working with you.

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