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HowTo: Send a Secure Email with Office 365 Message Encryption

If Office 365’s Outlook Message Encryption (OME) is enabled on your account, you can send a secure email one of two ways:

Apply Encrypt-Only permissions in Outlook

  1. Go to the Options  tab in the new message window.
  2. Click the Encrypt menu item.
  3. Select the Encrypt-Only drop down.
  • This is the recommended option whenever possible, since it tells you that it’s encrypted once it’s turned on using the “policy tip” notification as shown below.
  • This protects messages sent to either internal or external recipients.

Include your company’s encryption keyword in the subject line

  • For most GreenLoop clients, use “[secure]” (not case-sensitive but the brackets are required). Check with your primary IT contact or with GreenLoop if you’re not sure what to use here.
  • Note that this doesn’t give you any feedback prior to sending that it will be encrypted . We recommend testing with an external address you have control over before sending encrypted contents for the first time! 
  • This works via mobile and non-Outlook clients also, not just Outlook.
  • This protects only messages external recipients.

For either of the methods above, the recipient experience should be identical. You may want to send this document to recipients ahead of time so that they know what to expect and how to access the contents of your message.

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