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How to prepare your account for Office 365 Multi-Factor Authentication

What: This document walks you through the process of preparing your account for Multi-Factor Authentication (“MFA”) deployment with your organization.
Why: Multi-Factor Authentication is a best-practice against emerging security threats and is strongly recommended as a preventative measure against phishing and various other scamming attempts. MFA requires both the traditional username/password and another authentication method that a hacker wouldn’t easily have access to in order to access your account. Typically your mobile phone (either SMS or an App) functions as the additional security factor.
  1. Begin by opening this link in your web browser: https://aka.ms/MFASetup. You will see a Keep your account secure page as shown:
  1. Install the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile device, as prompted and be sure to ALLOW notifications. If you have trouble finding it, here are links for Android and iOS .
Follow the video below to get it installed and registered:

Once those steps are complete, back on your computer click Next.
  1. Provide a phone number for text-message notifications. This will be used as a fallback method.
  1. Confirm using the text code you receive:
Click Next.
  1. Click Next again.
  1. Click Done.
  1. That’s it! You’re ready for MFA to be enabled on your account. Once MFA has been enabled on your account by an admin you will receive popup notifications on your phone when you sign in to Office 365. Click Approve to complete sign-in.
Multi Factor Authentication
  1. Let your IT contact know that this has been completed and you’re ready for the MFA deployment.

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