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HowTo: Remote Access Using GreenLoop Connect

GreenLoop Connect is a GreenLoop-hosted remote access platform that provides end-users access to their desktop using the same tool that GreenLoop’s technicians use. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact your Account Manager.

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to https://a.greenloopsolutions.com/connect. You’ll want to bookmark this!
  1. Sign in with the credentials that were provided to you under the “Log In” box on the right side.
  1. After your credentials are accepted, a One-time password input box appears:
  1. Check the email account you logged in with to find the One Time Password (six-digit code):
  1. paste this code into the One-time password field.
Make sure to remove any trailing space if you are copying/pasting it!
  1. Click Login. You should be directed to the main page.
  2. Click Computers on the left side. A list of the computers you have access to will be displayed.
Confirm the status is Online and click on it to open. (If it’s not online, you probably need to ask a co-worker at your site to power on your computer!)
  1. Click Remote Access in the upper right corner to load the remote desktop window.
  1. A ConnectWise Control window appears.
  2. If your desktop has multiple monitors, you can use the monitors tab to open just one screen (click on it) or pop out a screen using the arrows in the corners.
  1. On the Essentials menu you’ll find features like:
  • Send Ctrl-Alt-Del (to the remote computer)
  • Send Clipboard keystrokes (for instance for pasting a saved password)
  • Activate Remote Printing
  1. Once done with your session, be aware that closing this window will still leave everything open. Make sure to Lock or Log Off  of the computer normally for security.

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